About Us

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We are the 83dB Boutique!

We have been in audio (professionally) for years and fell in love with the variety of in-ears, mobile players and headphones over a decade ago. Since then, our team has been involved on many layers of the industry: international distribution, product development, marketing, sales and consulting.

Pure passion!

After years, we finally decided to get together for 83dB Boutique in Berlin. Primarily, our team is working in finance, project management and sales. To share our joy and bring you the best products on the scene, we nonetheless find the time to get together after hours. 

Only the best!

83dB is the recommended volume in pro audio to mix high resolution music. We stand for reference and carry only hand-selected products in mobile audio that are worthy of that description! At 83dB Boutique, we offer audio equipment that delivers actual quality far from voodoo or unsubstantiated claims - we offer only the best you can get for the price.